Our professional Team is looking foward to your visit. Either you come for a holiday camp wiht your club, or for a Season preparation with your Team, neither alone, we are at your disposal with all our Knowledge and expirience.

We offer groups the possibility to book tennis camps with
their own trainers, all our Coach colleagues are very welcome.

If you are travelling without a trainer, we will of course provide you with trainers from our Team.

Please let us know  before your Arrival the number of Participants
We offer training programs for all our guests, starting from our youngest ones (5 year old), all beginners, advanced, club players, tournament Players.

We follow a training program that is specially designed for the all kinds of players, the training is adequately adapted to the respective of the player.

We improve your stokes, and your strategy, we show you how you can play more efficiently, we give you a professional game orientation, and help you to actively shape your game, anticipate and respond in time.
For Power players, team players or tournament players of any level, we provide sparring partners from our players ' squad. Players from the GR National League 1, Tennis Europe, ITF, WTA, and ATP will be available.
30 years of professional Experience in Tennis
25 years of  Experience in Pro Fitness & Tennis
Manager & Head Coach
Fitness & Tennis Coach
In tennis, the techniques of a recreational player are not sufficient.

Here it is necessary to perfect its strengths, in individual sports such as tennis, players learn to work hard, to cope with stress, and to test their emotional and physical balance under stress.

Already existing strengths are further expanded.

We provide 30 years of coaching know-how in professional tennis and a team of top trainers, we offer a dynamic programme for national and international tennis players who like to complete a high-performance tennis training.

Basic training

lead to the basic technical forms of punch types and mastery of ball and racket.

Basic training 2

learning the basic tennis techniques training of response and frequency speed versatile training of all motor skills with a focus on coordination capabilities general and specific modes of play and movement that Leg work and the feeling of the ball.
Advanced Training

in this training the high quality of the basic techniques as well as the development of the tennis technique are sought, errors that are made in this section will hardly be compensated later.

Advanced Training 1

All punching techniques must be available in the basic form of the two-sided slice, topspin drive, ball, butterfly ball, 2 impact types, etc. should be suitable for the age in the match training of coordination, reaction and Frequency speed.

Advanced Training 2

Tactical Training wins due to technology perfection in importance all techniques with relatively high quality must be available strength and endurance training should be intensified.

Connection Training

The perfecting of the situational technique must be completed and the training must be geared strongly to the individuality of the respective player. Conditioning/coordination/technique and tactical training have to be focused on the individual Construction period in early October, November  March/April regeneration is very important
The thought,
"I am fully powered, so I trained properly!" is wrong. In certain training phases, hard training can be counter-productive.
Training Partnerships
are most successful if they are long-term and high-intensity. In this way, both sides can drive and support the successful realisation of their visions.
We cordially invite you to our Training Offer
Bambini Tennis and test training are free of Charge

Training programs and tournaments are only held at a minimum number of participants.
Private lessons are not affected.
Each guest can use only one
Test Training or one Bambini tennis.
Additional hours are charged.
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27 Tennis Courts
11 courts
surface type: acrylic Classified court pace: category 2 medium - slow
4 courts surface type: carpet
Classified court pace: category 3 medium
12 courts surface type: hybrid clay
Classified court pace: category 1 slow
OPENING AT 01.01.2019
Just at the beginning of a "Tennis Career", no matter age, you schould always take tennis lessons so that no technical, fitness, and mental errors penetrate in your technic.
Test Training

Monday  &  Saturday

from 09.00 to 10.00

Please be on time at the tennis Club, no appointment required

from 15. May
Tennis Training 

Monday to Saturday

from 09.00 to 21.00

Please make an appointment on
the Tennis Club in group or single
Sparring Partner

Monday to Saturday

from 09.00 to 21.00

Please make an appointment on
the Tennis Club
Bambini Tennis

Monday & Saturday

from  09.00 to 10.00

Please be on time at the tennis Club, no appointment required

from 15. May
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LYTTOS BEACH, under the aegis of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the European Federation Tennis Europe and the Hellenic Tennis Federation (HTF) organizes 10 professional tournaments (5 men and 5 women combined events) with total prizes of

$ 150.000.-

Every year we expect a large number of players from all over the world who are in a great atmosphere to deliver matches. There will be 5 Turnaments held at the beginning of the year about March and 5 at the end of the year about October. This tournament series is the most important tennis event in Greece every year.
We organize 10 ITF Pro Circuit Tournaments every year
Tennis Game Orientation

Game focus and emotional control

Spirit Construction

The 5 Stages of Tennis Strategy
Correct & Efficient  form of movement

Movement  Analysis

Maximaitation and improvement of the ABCS's

Perfecting the Impact dynamics
The important 3 Tennis Lessons
Basic forms of the movement paths

Building the technique

Biomechanics of all tennis movements

Perfecting the situational tennis technique
Mental training